Quality and the Environment

Reducing our environmental impact is one of VERDE’s core brand tenets. We’ve directed our sustainability efforts with a straightforward design ethos — creating high-quality garments and accessories that last longer and age better. 

To make this clear, we’ve outlined what makes our scrubs high quality.


Most scrub brands use cheap fabric blends that wear poorly over time. Scrubs are washed often, and after a year, most well-known brands’ garments look aged and need replacement.

At VERDE, we’ve invested in high quality, recycled fabric that holds color regardless of how often it's washed and dried. Years later, our scrubs will continue to look as good as the day of purchase. 

Clean stitching, inside and out:

Quality is not always readily visible from the outside. From our high production standards, we ensure that our stitching is tight, straight and clean. This prevents fraying and reduces the risk of rips and tears.

Reinforced bar tacks at seams:

VERDE’s scrubs include small details that have a big impact on quality. One of those details is a reinforced bar tack, also known as a high-density stitch. Bar tacks reinforce stress points that are subject to additional wear and increase the garment’s longevity.


Anti-odor and anti-viral technologies:

Sweat and bacteria causes unpleasant odors on many garments over time, despite regular cleaning. Smelly clothes need to be replaced, especially in a healthcare environment.

VERDE partners with Polygiene, a leader in environmentally-friendly anti-microbial fabric treatments, to protect our scrubs from odor-causing microbes.