VERDE Elevates The Modern Healthcare Worker's Wardrobe

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NEW YORK, NY – Nov. 15, 2023 – Representing an aesthetics-focused approach to the modern-day healthcare worker’s wardrobe, VERDE is introducing a unique mix of on-duty professional performance and off-duty, casual style. Hailing from luxury fashion houses Celine and Coach, VERDE’s founders are carving out a space for two things that rarely coexist in a sentence: healthcare apparel and style. 

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A New Uniform for Daily Life

VERDE is a new type of uniform for daily life. The product is focused on timeless design, quality, and utility. The company’s mission is to reduce environmental impact and enable people to work better and live more responsibly. With durability and functionality at the heart of its design ethos, VERDE offers a fresh perspective on the world of healthcare apparel:

  • Founders’ Backgrounds: Founders Scott White, Tony Ngo, & Hai Ngo combine their experience in the fashion and retail industries to elevate the modern healthcare professional with accessible and timeless products. 

  • Fashion Meets Function: VERDE introduces foundational silhouettes that blend American sportswear with technical design elements so that aesthetics are never sacrificed for performance.

  • Slow Fashion Focus: VERDE works consistently to be more responsible with business practices and emphasizes the creation of better products, which means buying less often and in turn, reducing waste and overconsumption. A percentage of profits are donated to organizations that support the preservation of the outdoors. 

verde scrubs on model


Launched in 2022, VERDE is a healthcare apparel and accessories lifestyle brand that blends traditional American sportswear with technical design elements. Driven to create a unique mix of on-duty professional performance and off-duty, casual style, VERDE is a new uniform for daily life.™ For more information, visit or follow the brand on Instagram @verdescrubs.

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verde scrubs on model